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Your Baby's First Birthday: Cake Smash FUN!

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Happy Birthday!Happy Birthday!

Is your little one approaching their First Birthday?

Here's all you need to know about creating some fun memories of the big occasion!

Your baby's 1st Birthday is such an important milestone - they've learnt so much in the past 12 months... and so have you!  That tiny little sleepy bundle you first met all those months ago is now a fast-moving bundle of energy with their own likes and dislikes.  Capture this precious time with some great photos showing off your child's gorgeous personality... and have some fun while you're at it!

First Birthday Baby GirlFirst Birthday Baby Girl

Cake smash sessions take place in your own home, where both you and your baby are most relaxed.  We start the photo fun with some portraits of your child dressed in an outfit of your choice.  Often babies have a special outfit bought for their 1st Birthday that parents would like to use.  We discuss colours and styling in advance so that your photos reflect your family's style.

First BirthdayFirst Birthday First Birthday PrincessFirst Birthday Princess Cake Smash Photography CwmbranCake Smash Photography Cwmbran

After some lovely smiley shots of your little one looking adorable and clean, it's time for the messy fun!  We setup for the 'cake smash' part of the session, and often grab a quick photo of your little one in their cake smash outfit before presenting them with the cake!  I bring along backdrops, props and outfits, and you will provide the cake of your choice (depending on where you live, I am able to recommend suppliers).  When shopping for (or making!) a cake, the messier the better!  Don't worry about the mess, most of it will be contained on my own disposable backdrop/floordrop, and if you only have carpeted floor we are able to protect this with wipeable sheets around the backdrop.

Roses for a PrincessRoses for a Princess Baby Boy Cake Smash SetupBaby Boy Cake Smash Setup


Presenting your baby with their 1st Birthday cake is always a special moment... How will they react?  Will they get stuck in straight away?  Or perhaps be more delicate in their approach?  I love capturing the different personalities of little ones getting familiar with their cake.   For many, this is their first taste of something so sweet, and their reactions can be hilariously cute!

Vegan and Gluten Free Cake Made by Caking SistersVegan and Gluten Free Cake Made by Caking Sisters Happy Cake SmashHappy Cake Smash

Here's a twist:  Not all babies 'smash' the cake!  Please don't worry if your child doesn't dive head-first into the cake!  Often babies take some time to get used to what is in front of them, and prefer to explore at their own, slower pace.  That's okay!  I will still be able to capture some lovely moments, and quite often babies will get stuck into the icing and sponge in their own time.  I always bring along a wooden spoon or two, which often proves popular!  In the event of a little one not loving the cake, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help encourage them to have a play and a taste!

Eating CakeEating Cake Classic Cake SmashClassic Cake Smash

Some kids, however, just LOVE getting messy!!

Baby going mad at cake smash!Baby going mad at cake smash!

So what about the clean-up?!

You can expect to get messy yourself, but the beauty of being in your own home is that it's easy to grab a change of clothes!  I clear away the backdrop and put out a fresh one whilst you hold onto a rather icing-smeared baby (so kissable!).  Things are quickly turned-around ready for the final fun-filled part of the session:  TUB TIME!

Everyone loves tub timeEveryone loves tub time Tub TimeTub Time

We fill my little tin bath with some warm water, and bubbles (if your child's skin is okay with them), and I shoot away whilst your baby has a splash-around.  This part of the session is secretly my favourite, as ALL babies enjoy a splash in the tub, and we always capture some huge grins!

Snuggly BabySnuggly Baby

A quick dry down and one or two final photos, and we're all done!  I'll have captured a great gallery for you with real variety - from that special Birthday outfit, to your child's first tastes of cake, and lastly some really natural shots of them having great fun in the tub.  I'll clear away and leave you to enjoy what's left of the cake (if it hasn't been totally destroyed), and over the next week or so I will prepare a gallery of images for you to view at home and choose your favourites which are included in your chosen package.  You'll have some great photos to share with your friends, and, of course, to bring out on your baby's 18th Birthday (well, parents have got to have some ammunition after surviving the teenage years, right?!).

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