Hannah Merrett Photography | Six Month Sitter Photography Sessions... Why you don't want to miss out on this milestone

Six Month Sitter Photography Sessions... Why you don't want to miss out on this milestone

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Here at Hannah Merrett Photography, Sitter Sessions are an absolute favourite, producing absolutely stunning images.  

So what exactly IS a Sitter Session, and what makes it so special?

Image of The Year 2015Image of The Year 2015

Sitter Sessions: What are they?

As the name suggests, Sitter Sessions mark the milestone of your baby being able to sit unaided.  Typically this happens at around 6 months, though for many babies this may be a while later, at perhaps eight months, or, for a select few, a little before the six month mark!  Sitter Sessions cover this general age range, and involve a selection of photographs: some sitting, some lying, and others using props.  Typically photographers will have several setups ready for the session, and your baby can wear a few different outfits to give you a variety of images to suit your style and tastes.

Baby PortraitBaby PortraitBaby portrait taken by Hannah Merrett Photography in South Wales

I had only planned to have my baby photographed as a Newborn and on their 1st Birthday... Is it worth having another shoot within their first year?

Yes, yes, yes!  I cannot stress enough how wonderful this milestone is to capture!  Your baby is going to go through so many changes in that first 12 months, more so than at any other point in their life.  Just as your newborn photos will be totally different to your 1st Birthday photos, your Sitter Session images will be totally different once again.  Your baby learns so much within those 1st six months... and the next six months are no different!  Typically, between your Sitter Session and 1st Birthday session, your child will have learned to crawl, maybe even walk... They will have started to make new sounds, and learned new tricks such as 'clap hands', 'wave' and blowing raspberries... not to mention the fact that they will be so much bigger!

Baby Bunny PhotoBaby Bunny Photo

So what makes a Sitter Session so special?

For anyone who currently has a child aged six months, you'll already know what a gorgeous age this is!  From a photographer's point of view, this is a perfect age to get you a great range of images - babies at this age are normally happy to sit for photos.  Separation anxiety normally hasn't kicked in, and often your baby won't be crawling yet... Although us photographers are more than used to working with both anxious and crawling babies...!  Six month old babies are generally quick to smile and giggle, and their personalities are in full bloom, giving you a gallery full of images bursting with different expressions.  Your baby has also just learned to sit - this opens up new possibilities for your photographs, with your session also including images of your baby lying down, tummy-time, and more.  

Baby Boy in Flat CapBaby Boy in Flat Cap  

Sitter Sessions with Hannah Merrett Photography:

Sitter sessions with Hannah Merrett Photography take place in the comfort of your own home, where you and your baby feel comfortable and calm.  Everything is provided for the session and setup by Hannah, but your baby's own outfits and special items such as teddy bears really help to make your session personal and unique to you.  Sessions can be styled to your preferences, using outfits, props and accessories which you choose.  Your baby's session is fun and relaxed, with breaks being taken if your baby needs a few minutes to play or have a drink.  Take a look at the video below to see why these sessions are so very special!

Baby Sitter Session Photography SlideshowImages from six month sitter sessions taken by Hannah Merrett Photography, based in Abergavenny, South Wales.



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