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Health Centres in Southern Ethiopia

September 22, 2017
Monday 22nd May 2017 A Visit to Chichu Health Centre Our morning began with a visit to Chichu, a centre which Midwives@Ethiopia has worked closely with over the years...
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Awasa to Dilla: Hippos, Fishermen and a Storm

June 02, 2017
A relaxed morning for some: Sunday 21st May began with the call to prayer at 5am echoing around the mountains. For three of us in the group this would be a relaxed morni...
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Addis Ababa: An Assault on the Senses

May 31, 2017
Arrival in Addis Ababa The arrival into Addis Ababa was an assault to the senses - there was so much to take in all at once, and for those of us still coming round after...
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Midwives@Ethiopia : Arrival in Africa

May 30, 2017
I have just arrived back to the UK after an emotional and incredible trip to Ethiopia with the charity Midwives@Ethiopia. There's so much to share from the trip, and my n...
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